Meet Jessie, AMFT

Educational and Professional Summary:

Jessie Shorts is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #111289 supervised by Camille Johnson LMFT #81572. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Psychology and a Minor in Bible from Biola University. In addition, she has a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Cal Baptist University. Jessie’s journey to the human services field began working abroad at children’s homes and women’s shelters. For the last four years, she has transitioned to serving children, youth, and families who have experienced trauma in her community of San Luis Obispo through a variety of therapeutic roles including in-home behavioral support, case manager, social worker, and therapist.

Therapeutic Approach:

There are over 400 therapeutic orientations which can guide treatment. As a result, Jessie takes an integrative approach to best meet the unique needs of a person. She approaches therapy understanding that humans are not just physical beings, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. The primary framework of Jessie’s lens in the psychotherapy process draws from a family system, indicating that individuals are inseparable from their network of relationships. She also utilizes trauma-focused, multicultural, cognitive behavioral, gestalt, and existential therapeutic techniques. A strong therapeutic alliance is necessary in the healing process. Although pain can derive from relationships, restorative healing can also occur through relationships. She strives to incorporate this through the therapeutic process with children, youth, families, and individuals.


Jessie is a connoisseur of play. Moving to the Central Coast just 5 years ago has provided an endless playground to explore. She enjoys swimming, biking, hiking, surfing, painting, reading, making music, drinking tea, playing board games, making bath products, and much more. Jessie values her relationships with family, friendships, her very tall/funny/handsome husband, and her Faith.